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Bone and Joint Physiotherapy Inc is a locally owned physiotherapy clinic in Red Deer. 

We work holistically & sustainably, whatever your ailment; from an ACL from football or an RSI from desk work, we will make you stronger and teach you how to stay that way. 

We combine the most current research, treatment and expertise to personalize your recovery. We take a highly professional and proactive approach to achieve a better result for you. 

We understand that you are an individual, and tailor treatment specifically towards you. We spend the time to deeply understand your situation, motivations and goals, and will create a treatment plan tailored just for you. 

Although our immediate mission is to resolve our patients' symptoms as quickly as possible, we strongly believe in treating underlying causes, to help prevent a recurrence of an injury or problem. 

Our approach is all about you, your goals, and your recovery. We want you to recover and return to your normal activities more competent and able then before. 

We use our knowledge and expertise  for designing and delivering personalized rehabilitation programs to treat you.

Our Vision

Physiotherapy clinic in Red Deer, Physiotherapy in Red Deer, Chiropractors in Red Deer, WCB

Our vision is to be the leading health care provider in Canada. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality of care and expert advice to all our patients by the professionals here at Bone and Joint Physiotherapy. 

We endeavor to provide exceptional care with unprecedented experiences. From the moment you are greeted by our friendly receptionist, to the time you are escorted to your individual treatment room for your 1 on 1 consultation and until you're comfortable all of your questions and concerns have been addressed during your treatment. We work together with you to fully understand your condition and then provide a tailored rehabilitation plan to achieve your specific goals. 

Our mission is providing you the best possible care and experience at Bone and Joint Physiotherapy here in Red Deer. 

Your feedback will keep us stay motivated to reform our services so that we can meet your goals and expectations.


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Bone & Joint Physiotherapy Inc

Unit 165 - 5002, 55 Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 7A4

403 346 7788 Email: bonenjointpt@gmail.com


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