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Women's Health

 Physiotherapists  are  involved  in  the  management  of  a  range  of  women's  health  issues,  including  obstetrics,  osteoporosis,  and  urinary  incontinence.  Physiotherapists  also  treat  women  with  breast  health  concerns  and  a  variety  of  neuro-musculoskeletal  conditions.    

The  Canadian  Physiotherapy  Association  and  Society  of  Obstetricians  and  Gynaecologists  of  

Canada  recommends.  


  • Pelvic  floor  muscle  training  with  a  physiotherapist  is  recommended  to  prevent  urinary  incontinence  during  pregnancy  and  after  delivery  (I-A).  
  • Core  stability  training  with  a  physiotherapist  is  recommended  to  prevent  and  treat  back  and  pelvic  pain  during  and  following  pregnancy  (I-B).  
  • Physiotherapist-prescribed  exercises  are  recommended  for women  to  elicit  positive  changes  in  bone  mass  and  to  reduce  fall  and  fracture  risk  (I-A).  
  • Pelvic  floor  muscle  training  with  a  physiotherapist  is  recommended  for  women  with  stress      urinary incontinence (I-A).

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