Ergonomic / Postural Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, Ergonomic Assessment in Red Deer,
Ergonomic Therapy in Red Deer

Ergonomics is about interactions between people and their physical and organizational environments. When people's workplace conditions and job demands match their capabilities, safety and productivity improve. 

Ergonomics can reduce the risk of strains and sprains and other related musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). MSI is the most common work-related injury. 

If you are experiencing headache, back pain, neck pain and radiating pain to your hands and legs without a history of trauma, you probably might have postural dysfunction due to poor ergonomic setup at your work. 

We offer free consulting regarding your work place and postural education when we treat your musculoskeletal injury. 

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We have been considered as the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer. We provide all sorts of assessment related to Ergonomic problems including sharing solutions.

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Postural Assessment

Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, Postural Assessment in Red Deer,
Postural Therapy in Red Deer

Postural assessment is a valuable tool that our physical therapists use with every patient who is referred for evaluation and treatment.  

Posture refers to the body’s alignment and position with respect to the force of gravity.  

There is an ideal alignment in sitting, standing, and walking in any movement that we do in our daily life, including sports.  

When we fall out of alignment we risk pain, injury, poor performance, muscle fatigue, and eventual breakdown of muscle and connective tissue.  

Your physical therapist will assess your posture and will teach you through instruction, exercise and stretching how to stay “aligned” and avoid injury and pain from poor posture. 


Bone & Joint Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, strives to provide all sorts of assessment related to Postural problems using essential tools and methods. 

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