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Acupuncture is the external treatment for internal disorders. The treatment is carried out by inserting acupuncture needles at various predetermined points over the body. The term Acupuncture is derived from Latin words acus (needles) and pungere (puncture or prick). 

Originally acupuncture was not developed as a science but as an art. The ancient and traditional Chinese art of healing. Now, however, because of the tremendous research being carried out in East as well as in the West, it is developing into a science. 

Acupuncture is a philosophical approach towards the human body and mind. It is a drug free therapy and therefore least damaging to the physique. 

Today, the WHO (World Health Organization) has accepted acupuncture as a recognized modality of therapy.

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IMS (Intra-Muscular Stimulation)


Dry needling or IMS is a form of alternative therapy that involves a very thin needle is pushed through the skin into the muscle in order to stimulate the trigger points or the knots in the muscle that produces pain and functional limitation. 

This is different from Acupuncture[D1].

Dry needling relieves pain; improve movement and speeds up recovery process. Dry needling is also known to be relatively painless. 

Generally, the needle insertion is not felt and the local twitch response only provokes a very brief pain response, feeling more like a shock or cramping sensation. A local twitch response is a therapeutic response that serves as a sign that the needle has hit the trigger point, so it’s actually a good and desirable reaction. 

Dry needling is appropriate for nearly all patients who do not have a significant needle phobia or other anxiety about being treated with needles. 

Like any type of therapy, dry needling may deliver unintended side effects, such as pain at the stop of needle insertion, muscle soreness, fatigue and bruising. 

In the hands of a skilled physical therapist, dry needling is a safe and effective treatment option and the patient will see benefits in range of motion and joint use right away.

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