vertigo / concussion

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Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise based treatment program to treat people suffering from vertigo, dizziness and balance problems. Vestibular rehabilitation is a certified course and therapists that are specialized in vestibular rehabilitation could treat these kinds of patients effectively.

Bone & Joint Inc, the highly rated Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, provides treatment to your Vertigo problems.

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Concussion is a temporary damage to your brain caused by fall or hit on the head. The most common reasons for concussion are motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. Physiotherapists are one of the healthcare professionals in the multidisciplinary concussion management team and collaborate with other providers in the delivery of optimal care. Concussion management is a step by step process. Your physiotherapist uses specific tools to assess concussion and uses various treatment techniques and modalities to address your symptoms.

 Bone & Joint Inc, Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, provides treatment to your Concussion problems. 

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Bone & Joint Inc, the most trusted Physiotherapy Clinic in Red Deer, promotes balanced, healthy living through dedicated, individualized physical therapy for those in pain, unable to participate fully in their daily activities, wanting to maximize their function for work or sport, and wanting to prevent potential problems.